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Challenge: Many new connected devices are designed each year, yet profitably bringing them to market presents logistical challenges for both emerging and established manufacturers and M2M solution providers. Decisions on the architecture of the supply chain directly affect profitability. Optimized supply chains adhering to supply chain network best practices can lead to reduced logistic costs, improved time to market, and a reduction in required working capital – all key components of the bottom line. While each supply chain is unique, you should be aware of these cost-saving best practices to ensure your business is as nimble and efficient as possible.

5 Supply Chain Best Practices 
for Bringing M2M and Other connected Devices to Market

5 Supply Chain Best Practices 
for Bringing M2M and Other connected Devices to Market

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The demand for smart and connected devices is booming at an exponential rate. With that growth comes increased competition and added complexities that can cloud the opportunities for entering or profiting from the technology industry. By simplifying a device's lifecycle it becomes easier to pinpoint where your opportunities lie, and know who to ask for guidance on pursuing them.

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