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Leveraging RF Routers to Intelligently Allocate Network Coverage and Capacity

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Leveraging RF Routers to Intelligently Allocate Network Coverage and Capacity

The practice of providing wireless coverage in venues is almost as old as the mobile industry itself. Earlier, the goal was to provision venues with sufficient voice capacity. However, there has been a shift in recent years that has stimulated innovations for in-venue communications. The catalyst for this shift is the explosive demand for mobile data services, which have grown by 70% in 2013 to reach 2,000 petabytes1 per month2 . To put this into perspective, the volume of mobile data traffic exceeded that of voice for the first time at the end of 2009 when traffic was running at about 100 petabyte per month. By 2018, mobile data traffic volume is expected to surpass 15,000 petabyte per month [2]. But one needs to look further into the areas where demand is generated to understand the urgency: up to 90% of mobile traffic is generated indoors from the confines of offices, public venues such as airports, railway stations, convention centers and homes.

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