ReliOn is a hydrogen fuel cell company leading the world in the development and marketing of modular, fault-tolerant, proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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This paper draws upon real-world experiences ReliOn has gained deploying fuel cells around the world. To date, more than 1,600 sites are supported by ReliOn fuel cells, in a variety of environments, power capacities, fuel storage capacities, and fuel storage architectures. Experience in multiple countries and regions, with a variety of fueling solutions, provide insights into the actual requirements for backup power vs. disaster recovery.

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Superstorm Sandy
Caused destruction valued in the billions of dollars and created power outages lasting between hours and weeks for millions.

Exorbitant Costs
It was the most financially costly of appromixately 900 natural catastrophes occuring worldwide in 2012

Real World Experiences
This white paper provides insights into actual requirements for backup power vs. disaster recovery.

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